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Make a one-time purchase of furnished resort accommodations at a fraction of the whole ownership cost and pay an annual maintenance fee. Each unit of a timeshare resort is divided into intervals, most commonly by the week or some other combination of days. 

Hold on if you thought those were your only options, there are more. You can go for different timeshare programs, such as fractionals, offering longer use periods, as long as three months, or a season. You can also exchange your interval or week for new and different vacation experiences at comparable resorts across the country and around the world.
Lage majority of timeshare owners are satisfied with their timeshare purchases and we believe that timeshares is the future of luxury vacations, especially if you have a large family.
With the biggest brand names in the timeshare vacation business such as Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott Vacation Club and Disney Vacation Club, and with the growth of the timeshare resale market, becoming an owner has never been easier and more affordable.
Benefits of timeshares start with the quality of timeshare accommodations when compared to a regular hotel room. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms will allow you to bring your full family or your friends without paying for an extra hotel room. Having a separate kitchen area with a stove, microwave and a refrigirator will allow your family save on expensive restaurant bills.
Also, don't forget about other resort style amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, babysitting services and other on-site activities available to your family when you buy a timeshare.
Timeshare is an affordable way to enjoy a luxury vacation year after year, especially if you buy resale, which will save you thousands over the original developer price. Buy timeshare through the Timeshares Store and SAVE!
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If you have any questions about timeshares or how to buy it, please contact one of our timeshare specialists.

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