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Timeshare Basics

Timeshare (also known as Vacation Ownership) is a joint ownership or lease of vacation property by several parties who take turns occupying the premises for fixed periods. It's basically a group of people sharing the cost of a vacation place. Getting a timeshare ownership is simply an acquisition of a vacation home or resort for a specific period of time in a year. Your vacation choices are still unlimited in terms of location, time of year, and unit size. You still have the flexibility just like before you owned a timeshare, but now you have prepaid most of the costs up-front when you bought your timeshare. [ read more on timeshare basics... ]

Wyndham Timeshares For Sale — Are They Scam or Not?

For many, the mere mention of timeshare elicits images of throwing money right out of the window. They also think about how many are scams and the day or two they are going to have to sit through a high pressure sales pitch. The thing to remember is that not all timeshares are created equal. Wyndham timeshares for sale are one of the exceptions, like Wyndham points that can be obtained, used and exchanged. For anyone in fear of a Wyndham timeshare scam can feel secure with their vacations as long as you do your research. [ read more on Wyndham Timeshares... ]

RCI Timeshares For Sale

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the most recognized timeshare exchange company in the world. With more than three million members, and constantly growing, RCI has been satisfying its members with best vacation ownership services since 1974. As of today, RCI resort network is the largest timeshare exchange network, and RCI is the biggest time share exchange company in the world. RCI resorts span across the North and South Americas, Mexico and Caribbean regions, Europe and Asia, Africa and the Middle East countries, and Australia and South Pacific region. [ read more about RCI Timeshares... ]

Today's Hot Deals

Every day some hot timeshare deals appear on eBay. If you see what seems to be a good deal, carefully read the description and go for it as it will not sit here forever. Only our site advertises these hot deals from eBay on cheap timeshares for our customers. [ see all Today's Hot Deals... ].

A Dollar Timeshares for Sale on eBay

First of all, I hope that you didn't fall into the trap of the regular timeshare presentation and didn't sign that contract to lock your "today only deal" for $26,652 (please don't ask me where this number came from). Unfortunately, many people make this mistake thinking they're getting a good deal. I have been to many of these presentations (yes, I'm guilty of sitting and listening for two hours to get my discounted tickets to Disney World) and they all pretty much work the same. First, they show you the property, then they sit down with you and "explain" how it all works and how you will be saving money in the long run and enjoying your vacation ownership every year in the same place, or different if you want to switch, that this is a great investment (I'm not making this up, the guy did say "investment" in one of the presentations). [ read more about A Dollar Timeshares for Sale on eBay... ]

Using Our Site

Feel free to browse and search our site for any cheap timeshare resales. Our main search form at the top provides a robust and flexible solution for you to find your dream vacation ownership. Some of our timeshare categories on the left contain sub-categories. For example, if you're looking for Orlando Timeshares, you can find them under the Florida timeshares.

Timeshare Weeks Calendar

Use this calendar chart if you need to find out the calendar date for a specific timeshare week in the year.

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